Ride Photo Systems

Capturing Any Ride at Any Speed

Photos are captured automatically and transferred instantly to a monitor for customer previewing and purchasing. While more expensive and less versatile than roaming photography, automated systems are capable of reliable operation 24/7/365 and can capture virtually anything at any speed. We operate automated systems on Flume Rides, Wood and Steel Roller Coasters, Mountain Coasters, River Raft Rides, Turnpike Rides and Tour Rides.

Purpose-Built Equipment

From 2mph to 100+mph, our capture systems are hardened and reliable! The GTP Corp automated ride photo system can withstand temperature extremes, so they’re designed for constant year-round operation.

Every camera, sensor and application is different so GTP Corp creates our own hardened electrical interfaces and selects the best equipment for each installation. Our latest-generation system uses custom PLCs to control triggering and power with a custom camera interface circuit, built entirely by the GTP Corp technical team. We use a wide array of cameras, from high-res (20MP+) to high-speed (200fps+) so we are able to capture anything at any speed. Our team of professionals works closely with on-site maintenance personnel and ride manufacturers to provide a safe and reliable installation.

We know that lighting is an art. And, we've learned that lighting a very fast moving roller coaster involves multiple lighting solutions. We use everything from energy-efficient LED lighting and traditional video lighting to high-speed strobes and strobe arrays. We even have a custom solution for operating in sub-zero temperatures well below the operating range of traditional strobes.

Attractive & Guest-Friendly Retail Area

Most of our equipment is rack-mountable and can be tucked away neatly behind-the-scenes. We've done everything from co-locating our equipment to providing entire buildings.

Full Featured POS

Our full-featured POS system is capable of supplementing your venue’s existing POS stations or acting as a full stand-alone POS system complete with cash drawer and accounting. GTP created a customer-friendly POS that provides an employee view and a customer view simultaneously to ensure the customer is presented with the simplest ordering process. Our POS software runs on desktop PCs, tablets, phones and can even be displayed in a browser or as a plugin on your POS station.

Want to do a trial discount? No problem! The GTP POS stations are designed with cloud-based digital price signs so that we can readily change the graphics and products viewed by customers.


People understand iPads and, despite their ubiquity, there is still something alluring about the fit and finish of Apple products. As a registered Apple Developer, we can offer a wide array of services on an iPad.


Our array of output devices includes dye-sublimation printers, dry labs, large format inkjet printers, laser printers, 3D printers, laser cutters, thermal-transfer and direct-to-substrate printers. For many output devices, our software bypasses standard Windows print drivers in favor of more robust low-level access to equipment, allowing us to efficiently spread out jobs across multiple output devices and automatically fail over to working equipment.

Roaming Photo Systems

Because Photographic Memories Are Everywhere!

Our traditional handheld photo systems are perfect for capturing customers in a variety of settings in amusement parks, zoos, ski resorts, special events and trade shows. Customers are photographed throughout a venue or at key locations and are given information on how to preview and purchase their photo. Then, customers preview and purchase their photos at central locations and online.

GTP Corp. provides unique, venue-specific props for guests to i nteract with in their photo-creating a photo experience they cannot capture themselves. We’ll work with your venue to determine the key locations that will result in increased sales!

Our handheld solutions include:

  • GTP CamLNX™ wireless shooting - Pictures are transferred instantly to our Cloud where they are available for purchase on-site or online.
  • RFID & Photo Pass Integration - We can scan a customer’s photo pass, RFID wristband or other identifier when the picture is captured—no need to carry any additional slips or information.


The Perfect Green Screen Experience

Our PerfectPose™ system provides a realtime high-resolution preview of the finished photo, making the photography process fun and interactive. Photos captured through PerfectPose™ are easily editable and recoverable--have a customer with a green shirt and blue pants? No longer are they invisible! Our system supports traditional green/blue chromakey, the Chromatte™ "gray screen" system as well as our proprietary "Greenless Green Screen" where the traditional green, blue or gray screen is replaced with a video wall providing for an unrivaled interactive experience.

PerfectProduct™: Your Product. Personalized.

Engaging Customers With Your Brand

Get the Picture Corporation offers a profitable and unique interactive experience with our PerfectProduct™ system. The PerfectProduct™ system is customer-driven experience that is ideal for permanent or portable installations.

PerfectProduct™ provides a one of a kind experience by allowing guests to customize your product with their photo, text, and artwork while maintaining your brand image and integrity. Your customers can walk away with a personalized item in-hand to serve as a memory of their experience, to give as a gift, or to commemorate an event. Not only can your customer create the personalized item, but they can also share it virtually with their friends and family instantaneously via social media!

We have operations from Nevada to the UAE. At least one GTP location is open at any given hour and 365 days of the year.

When we call a company, we expect immediate support, any time of day, every day of the year. We hold ourselves to the same standard by providing 24/7/365 support direct to your customers via e-mail (help@gtpcorp.com) and direct to your business via phone (267-448-4920). Developed by GTP, our advanced support call tree automatically routes support calls to the most qualified support tech and generates support tickets and reports for every call, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. We continuously monitor hundreds of data points on each of our systems, networks and servers. Our goal is to provide proactive support. In many cases we will identify and fix a problem before the on-site staff realizes there was an issue. Our secure remote access technology allows us to access our equipment from behind virtually any firewall. All of this technology was developed in-house by GTP specifically to support our operations.

The digital download product we offer requires extra customer support after the sales transaction. Guests lose their receipts, can't find the website or just simply forget they purchased a digital product. This results in numerous emails from guests that need additional assistance. As a partner, GTP Corp. provides this customer service at no extra cost.

When a customer purchases a digital download, the customer is provided a 16 digit code and a website address on their receipt. The customer can visit the website, type in their code and download their photos.

We take great pride in our response quality and response time. GTP Corp partners with Help Scout, a virtual help desk, that allows all of our virtual customer service representatives to be on the same page and respond quickly and accurately. This increases our response workflow significantly so that all emails are taken care of as soon as possible.

Feb 1, 2014 - Jan 1, 2017 Virtual Customer Service Help Data:

  • Total Conversations: 19,257
  • Number of Customers Helped: 5,100
  • 57% of Emails resolved on first reply
  • 28 hours: average resolution time
  • 6 minutes, 2 seconds: average handle time
  • 1.63: average number of replies to resolve
  • Monday: most emails (due to most guests visiting on weekends)

GTP's philosophy is simple. Treat people the way you would like to be treated, provide superior guest service and sales will follow. GTP's highly effective G.U.E.S.T.S. 1st strategy is central to our success. This tested strategy explains how to initiate contact and establish a rapport with the guests at any venue. GTP basis it's customer service from this Strategy.

Our management staff has collectively trained thousands of sales representatives and photographers. The online video knowledge base that we provide allows your team access not only to the simple "nuts and bolts" of the GTP Corp. system, but also the successful techniques and tips to get your team selling photos right away! We will work with you in person and online to get the level of training necessary for a profitable partnership!

GTP Corp provides training, both on-site and online so that photographers know how to approach all guests at any given venue. Photographers are trained how to pose guests within the photo so that guests just can't pass up purchasing a well composed and well lit photograph!

Many of our employees have never used a DSLR camera until they work for GTP Corp. Photographers learn the "nuts and bolts" of the camera functionalities as part of their training. Photographers are also cross trained on the POS software and the basic photography system so that they can also sell the photos they've taken.

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