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Based in Pennsylvania since 1987, Get the Picture Corporation (GTP Corp.) designs and operates state of the art digital photography systems for theme park, tourist, and retail industries. More importantly, we're committed to true partnership--we work side-by-side with our clients, seamlessly extending their experience.

Focusing on the fun

Our dedicated staff has years of experience in all aspects of creating a successful personalized keepsake product. We take pride in our versatility in management, hardware and software, product design, graphic design, facility design and integration.

Focusing on our customers

Our goal is to create the most uniquely personal memento of your customers through our advanced technology and photography. Not only is the customer at your location affected by these awesome mementos, but so are their friends and family as our technology allows for sharing on numerous social media platforms. Combining your extraordinary brand with our cutting edge technology is a home run!

Focusing on the future

20 years ago we used Polaroids; now we deliver millions of photos to customers digitally. From social media to AR, we're focused on industry trends and take pride in our Hershey, PA-based "Skunk Works" where we explore innovative solutions and bring them to market.


Our technology is developed in-house,
allowing us to rapidly tailor systems to specific needs and application,
and to rapidly develop proofs of concepts and full solutions.

  • Ride Photography

    Reliable automated capture from 2mph to 100+mph. Photography at the speed of fun!

  • Roaming Photography

    Awesome wireless shooting and tagging using our CamLNX™ system.

  • PerfectProduct™

    Engaging customers and brands through product personalization

  • PerfectPose™

    Best-in-class immersive green screen experience

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